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Cosmic Gem Pendant
Cosmic Gem Pendant
Cosmic Gem Pendant
Cosmic Gem Pendant
Cosmic Gem Pendant

Cosmic Gem Pendant

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Cosmic cyclone
Gold, silver, and other metals
Gasified by Pinjing special technology
Suspicious gatherings form surging cosmic cyclones
They tumble and fuse at 2000 ° C
Under the guidance of the master craftsman
Semi-random formation of cosmic patterns
Randomness makes each one unique
Even the same paragraph is only similar but not the same
Randomness also makes its yield low
It ’s been a long time, it ’s not a mass production
Turn the brilliance and vastness of the universe into a crystal ball
Jewelry Crystal
Opal Gem + Gold + Silver + High Boron Silicon

Star-Opal gem
Opal gems, colorful, with the famous color changing effect.
Planet-Golden beads
The smelted gold is sealed in high borosilicate for gold beads.
Cyclone-Gold & Silver
Encapsulation of gold and silver vaporization, forming a wonderful cosmic cyclone.
Star point-Gold and Silver particles
Gold and silver particles shine like stars, forming a bright starry sky.
Sphere-High borosilicate
High borosilicate is more rigid and transparent than ordinary glass, with stronger texture and color.

Modern glass art experience Professional innovative design


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